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Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co. KG is a company specializing in the development of fail-safe drive-by-wire systems - "Space Drive" - and chassis system solutions. The company has its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany with a branch in Pfronstetten-Aichelau. Schaeffler Paravan Technology is a joint venture (90 percent Schaeffler and 10 percent Paravan GmbH) and was founded in October 2018.

The space drive system developed by Paravan founder Roland Arnold was completely transferred to the joint venture and industrialized there. The technology meets the highest requirements according to the safety standards ISO 26262 ASIL D and has road approval according to ECE-R-10, ECE-R-13 and ECE-R-79. In addition, the drive-by-wire control units are manufactured according to the world's highest quality level IPC-A-600 Class 3. Schaeffer Paravan is also developing a "rolling chassis" with intelligent corner modules - with integrated Schaeffler wheel hub motors, brakes, space drive steering (90 degrees) and suspension in a single system.


Space Drive II - Drive-by-wire in a new dimension

Revolutionary solutions - Made by Paravan

Space Drive II is already considered a milestone in automotive history: It is the first drive-by-wire technology with MOT approval. Developed and produced according to the highest safety standards (ISO 26262: 2011, ASIL D). Space Drive enables multi-redundant control of engine, brakes and steering. The basis for manual driving without steering column, targeted driving, and in the future, fully automated driving.


News from the Paravan Mobility Park

Successful guest start at the ADAC GT Masters with the Steer-by-Wire Porsche at the Lausitzring

Place 16 on Saturday and place 24 on Sunday, in the toughest GT 3 race with a strong starting field. Porsche driver Martin Siedler: "We were able to...


Space Drive Porsche 911 GT3 R takes part in the ADAC GT Masters season opener at the Lausitzring.

The wait is over: At the start of the ADAC GT Masters season, the steer-by-wire Porsche 911 - wit-hout a mechanical connection between the steering...


Schaeffler Paravan Technology receives AutomotiveINNOVATIONSAward 2020

Space Drive as an important technology for the transformation in the automotive industry. Schaeffler Paravan with its digital driving and steering...


Our retrofit kit for "autonomous driving"


Using revolutionary solutions in the drive-by-wire technology, Paravan moves the world. We develop driving and steering systems of the future, combined with the latest sensor technology and special construction. So we provide key technologies for the future autonomous or semi-autonomous driving. All systems are upgradeable and adaptive to a variety of vehicle types.


Impressions from our Space Drive Video Library


Space Drive Animation




Paravan Steer-by-wire


Autonomous driving "OLLI"


Testdrive Hockenheim


Autonomous Driving by Paravan

Space Drive offers fail safe, street legal, and million Km tested driving

The primary mechanical functions of throttle, brake and steering haven’t changed for a long time. They dominate so far the "look and feel" in the vehicle interior and the traditional driving. We are about to change that. Space Drive is "real and ready" for high and fully automated driving a drive-by-wire technology. Tested in the production vehicle, in prototype and in the driving simulator, TÜV-tested and approved for road use. The evolution of X-by-wire technology. With Space Drive, we are already on the road. Worldwide, we have collected more than 120 million kilometers of experience with the system in the last 10 years. Experience that we have collectively  in the development of our systems worldwide.  Our limited mobility customers now drive every day with our system to work, to therapy or the cinema with friends.  Not on a closed test track, but on normal city streets, and on the highway.


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