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Completed projects

In the last ten years, Paravan has accumulated more than 120 million kilometres of experience around the world with the drive-by-wire system Space Drive – experience that has continually influenced the further development of the Space Drive system. In the meantime, our Paravan Space Drive system is being successfully used in numerous vehicles and autonomous-driving projects of well-known vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers and research institutes. You can find a brief overview here...


Areas of Application

The primary mechanical functions of gas, brake and steering have changed very little over time. Until now, they have dominated the "look and feel" in the interior of  traditional driving. But a change is slowly occurring. Modern systems "by wire" such as Space Drive II, are "real and ready" for highly and fully automated driving with drive-by-wire technology. An adaptive retrofit system for production vehicles, prototypes and experimental vehicles, agricultural machinery or Unmanned Ground Vehicles. The application possibilities are unlimited. TÜV tested, certified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D and street legal.


Platforms and competences

Our systems are platform independent and approved for all international vehicle types. In recent years, we have manufactured  a number of experimental vehicles, prototypes and show cars for major automotive suppliers and OEMs. An overview of the platforms used can be found on the following page. You can also find out about our additional offers, e.g. in the field of sensor technology.


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