Product Portfolio

Schaeffler Paravan’s Space Drive drive-by-wire technology consists of various elements that can be used in many different ways. These elements include individual components such as the head module, various input devices, and servo motors for acceleration, braking, and steering, as well as ready-for-use single or dual systems. Our system can be adapted for almost anything with four wheels. Another product highlight is the Schaeffler Mover: For the autonomously driving vehicles of the future, Schaeffler Paravan is developing a rolling chassis with intelligent corner modules – and with integrated Schaeffler wheel hub motors, brakes, Space Drive steering (90 degrees), and a suspension – all in one system.



Technical data

This section provides you with everything you need to know about the operating specifications, technical data and key facts regarding our Space Drive drive-by-wire / steer-by-wire system. 


The Space Drive system

Space Drive is a coordinated adaptive system (hardware and software) that incorporates an entirely new safety concept. The system is individually adaptable to an extremely wide range of safety-related applications in the automotive sector – everything from drive-by-wire solutions in vehicles for the disabled to the operation and control of special-purpose and commercial vehicles. In addition, the redundant drive-by-wire technology from Paravan forms the basis for safe autonomous and partially autonomous driving. The Space Drive processor unit (ECU) is certified in accordance with the highest safety standards (ISO 26262 ASIL D) and is manufactured in line with the highest quality standards (IPC 600 A Class 3).



High-tech product solutions made by Schaeffler Paravan

The basis of our extensive product portfolio is our fail-operational and road-approved Space Drive driving and steering system – an adaptive drive-by-wire / steer-by-wire system that digitally controls acceleration, braking, and steering in the vehicle. In conjunction with various interfaces such as CAN, LIN, and FlexRay, the system already enables access to the vehicle electronics in a large number of vehicle models. In addition to the absolutely fail-operational control of acceleration and braking (longitudinal guidance), the system offers fail-operational control of steering (lateral guidance) via special input devices such as joysticks. However, other digital or analog channels can also be used to operate vehicle systems. Special Wi-Fi interfaces already enable the use of a specially developed smartphone app at Schaeffler Paravan. Communication with state-of-the-art sensors (radar, optics, GPS) is also possible at any time with our Space Drive System.

All of these features enable us to offer highly individual software and hardware solutions for complex industrial applications, including technology for partially or fully automated driving, whereby our experts are able draw on more than 20 years of experience with drive-by-wire technology. More than 8,500 systems are already in use – in the disabled mobility sector, for example – and these systems have clocked up over a billion kilometers around the world.

Space Drive II features multiple safety systems to ensure fail-operational operation and its processor unit (ECU) is certified in accordance with the highest safety standards (ISO 26262 ASIL D). It is also manufactured in line with the highest quality standards (IPC 600 A, Class 3). In addition, the system is approved for road use in accordance with the ECE-R 10, ECE-R 13, and ECE-R 79 standards.

Schaeffler Mover

The Schaeffler Mover is based on the easily scalable rolling chassis platform and can be combined with different vehicle body variants for use in different applications. Autonomous vehicles like Schaeffler Mover require new innovative drive-system concepts. One such concept is the compact “Schaeffer Intelligent Corner Module,” which has all drive-system and chassis components housed in one space-saving unit that also contains the wheel hub motor, the wheel suspension, and the electromechanical steering system. The latter takes the form of an electromechanical steer-by-wire system that is operated and controlled using Space Drive technology. The Intelligent Corner Module provides for a wheel angle of up to 90 degrees. This enables effective vehicle maneuvering on narrow streets, as well as parallel parking when picking up or dropping off passengers. U-turns can be made as well.

The Schaeffler Mover technology platform is so flexible that it can be used with various vehicle bodies to build everything from robo-taxis to autonomous delivery vehicles. The body superstructure can be modified for specific applications and is also easy to remove from the platform, which contains all the systems needed for driving operations. Only some of the sensors that are needed for autonomous driving are also incorporated into the body.



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