Product portfolio

Overview of our Service Spectrum

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of technical solutions and services based on our core technology Drive-by-Wire for a wide range of applications such as, Automotive, Off- / ON-Highway, Special and Special Vehicles and Industrial Applications. These include, inter alia,

  • Drive-by-wire steering, gas and brake solutions (including hardware and software)
  • Control of secondary vehicle functions (wiper, turn signal, horn, ignition, start ...)
  • Powermanagement for sensor equipment (DC / AC)
  • Sensor integration (camera, radar, lidar ...)
  • Connectivity solutions (GPS, LTE, GNSS)
  • Network (Ethernet, USB, HDMI, CAN)
  • Force feedback applications
  • New vehicle conceptions as add on concepts / retrofit
  • Set-up of showcars, function carriers, small series, minibuses / people movers, AGV / UGV vehicles, Wizard-of-OZ vehicles, small series.
  • Projects for fully automatic driving



Our “autonomous driving” retrofitting package for all vehicle types

Vehicles that are able to manage fully automatically in traffic – avoiding people, stopping at traffic lights or parking without any help whatsoever. This is without question the revolution that is going to hit the automotive industry. We offer individual retrofitting sets for semi or fully automated driving for prototypes, experimental vehicles or other vehicles from the automotive industry, agricultural sector, mining industry or even the defence sector. We provide a combined package consisting of sensors, robotics, software and the drive-by-wire system.

Customised vehicle design

Are you planning to build a prototype or an experimental vehicle for semi-automated or fully automated driving? We will be glad to help you – right from the very beginning. Thanks to our highly modern and flexible engineering product range–including a 3D scanner and 3D printer–we are able to co-create your vehicle from scratch. With 25 years of experience in customised vehicle construction, you can certainly rely on us. Highly qualified staff are on hand to help you from the order planning stage through to the final process of equipping the vehicle with our drive-by-wire system Space Drive or extremely modern robotic and sensor technologies.

Solutions for secondary functions

Operating the indicators, opening windows, activating the ignition switch etc. We offer interesting solutions to digitally controlled secondary driving functions. Using our Paravan Touch app, which we developed in-house, we are already able to control up to 100 different driving functions via CAN. With the Paravan gateway, we can also select and execute the same functions via voice command (Paravan Voice Control). It is also possible to combine Voice Control, the Touch app and Space Drive System.

Individual components of the Space Drive system

Our drive-by-wire and steer-by-wire systems consist of various individual components. These include the heart of Space Drive, the CPU (head module), servo motors, specially developed cable harnesses or even our ergonomic input devices. Choose from a range of variants and combination options precisely tailored to your technical needs.



Ready to use! Intelligent retrofit kit for drive-by-wire and autonomous driving applications.

Space Drive II is fully-developed technology, tried, tested and ready for immediate use. There is a wide variety of versions of this intelligent drive-by-wire technology at your disposal. The outstanding safety features – active multiple redundancy – apply to all components, including cable harnesses. This ensures that the roadworthiness of your individual Space Drive configuration is always guaranteed. All components are tested to ECE-R 13, ECE-R 79 and ECE-R 10. The system is also certified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D and manufactured according to the highest quality level: IPC-A-600 class 3. The system is approved for the international vehicle categories M1, M2, M3, N1, N2, N3. On custom orders we offer per request  the entire prototype with integrated advanced laser, camera and radar sensors



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