Technical data

“On the road” around the world

With the experience of thousands of systems “on the road” around the world, the Space Drive system now represents a true revolution in drive-by-wire technology. This safe and reliable high-performance system offers the perfect combination of fully developed and sophisticated hardware and functional and individually applicable software. What’s more, an extremely wide range of interfaces (CAN, LIN, FlexRay) makes Space Drive multi-compatible. Made by Schaeffler Paravan!

Key system facts

The highlights of the Schaeffler Paravan drive-by-wire system
  • Active redundancy: Motors with multiple safety features and full power, even if a control circuit fails
  • Error memory in several components (recording of relevant events)
  • Sufficient pedal distance and force in all vehicles, even if the vehicle’s own control circuit fails
  • Permanent scanning of the status of components
  • Speed-dependent steering enables driving with a natural steering sensation at high speeds.
  • Better braking at low speeds, thanks to automatic adjustment of pedal distance and force
  • Different throttle curves are available
  • Parameters may be set (adjusted) via PC and touch panel to suit each customer and their needs (in online mode)
  • One-click support via our innovative diagnostic tool with a completely new design
  • Integrated interface
  • Optimal and flexible design to fit all vehicles
  • Can be switched to several languages – operation and error description via comprehensible fair copy without any encoding
  • Parameters cannot be altered without authorization
  • Innovative modular system of operating elements for better customization
  • Higher-quality ergonomics, operability, flexibility, and durability
  • No unpleasantly cold components that could lead to cramps
  • Made in Germany = fast spare parts deliveries
  • Space Drive technology complies with all relevant standards and regulations in Europe
  • Thousands of systems on the road worldwide since 2003
  • Driving school panel connection
  • Approved for road use (TÜV tested in accordance with ECE-R-79 and ECE-R13)
  • ECU meets the criteria for functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262 (ASIL D)*
  • Manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standard (IPC-A-600 Class 3)
  • * The probabilistic target values according to ASIL D requirements of ISO 26262-5 chapters 8,9 (SPFM, LFM, PMHF) have been achieved.

Space Drive operating specifications:

Operating temperature: -40° C to +85° C
Storage temperature: -40° C to +125° C
Operating voltage 12V: + 10.5 V dc to +15 V dc
Operating voltage 24 V: +18 V dc to +32 V dc
Typical load: Approx. 7 A per module
Continuous load: 30 A per motor / 60 A peak load
Power limit: 100 amp.
Cycle time: 10 ms
Start time to ready: 250 msec. - >10 sec. depending on the application in question
BUS systems: 2x CAN, 2x FlexRay, 2x LIN
Safety: Triple redundancy
Diagnostics / Car interface: DTC connector / OBD-II
Languages: DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, ... and more
Digital I/O: 8 pieces (2 I/O with timer function)
Dimensions: W: 280 / H: 50 / D: 220
Weight: 2200 grams
Environmental test: ISO 16750 - Part 5
EMC: CISPR 25, ECE R10, ISO 11542-4
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection: ISO 10605
EMP protection: E=50 KV/m, H=133 A/m
Cooling: Passive cooling with cooling fins
Plugs & connectors: Encoded & automotive compliant
Reverse polarity protection: All voltage inputs
Power supply: 2 separate power sources
Microcontroller: 3 independent CPUs (128MHz)
ISO 1939 CAN protocol: High-speed CAN, 500 kB, 11/29 bit
Standards utilized: AEC-Q100, Q101, Q200
Audits: ECE-R13, ECE-R79, ISO 26262 (ASIL D)

Dimensions of the headmodule

Description of the head module

1 | Plug sockets

  • Encoded plug systems IP 65
  • Protected against unintended loosening, pulling, and vibrations
  • Extended ambient temperature range (-40 ° - 105 °)

2 | High performance processors

  • 3x  128 MHz
  • Int. 992 kB flash, 60 kB RAM, 32 kB data flash

3 | Communication (analog/digital)

  • 2x CAN BUS
  • 2x LIN BUS
  • 2x FlexRay

4 | Redundant electric power supply

  • Galvanic isolation
  • 2x VCC Bat1
  • 2x VCC Bat2
  • 4x GND

5 | Motor outputs

  • Per 4x 35 amp. contacts
  • 30 amp. permanent load
  • 60 amp. peak load

6 | 10-layer HW metal blank

  • 100 amp. current

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