Self-propelled minibus' Olli

Paravan GmbH equips self-propelled minibus' Olli '' with fail-safe Drive-by-Wire technology

In a joint project of different partners under the leadership of the US company Local Motors located in Phoenix, the self-propelled vehicle project 'Olli' became a reality and was presented to the public in Washington on June 17 th , 2016

"Paravan is very proud to have contributed to this innovative and pioneering project with its fail safe Drive-by-Wire system Space Drive, an important contribution to roadworthiness of 'Olli'. With Space Drive 'OLLI' becomes the first autonomous driving "People Mover" with a multi-redundant (fail safe operational) control of throttle, brake and steering.” Paravan, GmbH -founder and CEO Roland Arnold expressed tremendous excitement over the project.

'Olli' is a self-propelled (autonomous) mini bus for future passenger transport in urban areas (airports, industrial sites, amusement parks, railway stations) that can accommodate up to 12 people comfortably. Responsible for the project is the American company Local Motors. Together with seven partners from around the world, 'Olli' was equipped with the most pioneering technologies for autonomous driving of the future. Thanks to the innovative system Paravan Space Drive, the most diverse sensor and GPS data is bundled in the vehicle and processed absolutely fail safe forwarded to sophisticated servo motors to control gas, braking and steering movements. This makes 'Olli' a unique masterpiece of self-propelled passenger transport vehicles with fail-safe and street legal Drive-by-Wire technology.

Passengers can interact through voice conservation with 'Olli' while driving from point A to point B, chatting about issues on the functioning of the vehicle, whether they should go straight and why 'Olli' meets specific driving technical decisions. A specially developed data -cloud solution puts 'Olli' in a position to understand the questions of the passengers and to respond to it when entering the car, including questions about travel destinations ('Olli', can you take me downtown? ) or specific vehicle functions ("How does this feature work?" or even "Are we there yet?"). Passengers can also ask for personalized recommendations for local travel destinations, such as popular restaurants or historic sites. This interaction with"'Olli'" was designed to make the driving experience for the passengers as comfortable as possible while they complete an autonomous journey.


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